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About Neighborhood House

When families and individuals in St. Paul want to make a change in their lives, Neighborhood House is here to help. We are a multi-service agency, providing wrap-around services for people when they need it most. Neighborhood House helps people with basic needs, education, multiple youth programs, and health and well-being. All of our programs are offered for free to participants.

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Our Mission

To help people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in diverse communities.


Our Vision

Hope, Opportunity and Dignity for All


Our Values

Equity and Inclusion
Learning and Reflection
Diversity and Culture
Community and Engagement
Integrity and Accountability

Our History

Neighborhood House is one of the most important institutions in the history of St. Paul’s West Side. Neighborhood House has been a welcoming presence for thousands of refugees and immigrants since its founding in 1897 by the women of Mount Zion Temple, who worked to help Eastern European Jewish families settle in the St. Paul area.

For more than a century, Neighborhood House has supported families in times of transition or need from more than 50 cultural and ethnic populations, drawing people from diverse communities in St. Paul and beyond. The demographic makeup of Neighborhood House’s service population has changed with each successive wave of newcomers  — Mexican immigrants after World War II, Hmong refugees in the 1970s and 80s, and Somali and Karen most recently.  What has not changed is our unbending commitment to help families move from “survive” to “thrive.”

Today, Neighborhood House serves more than 15,000 people at our six locations throughout the City of St. Paul.

Senior Leadership

Nancy Brady
Nancy Brady


Sarah Berger
Sarah Berger

Director of Resource Development and Communications

Shad Klukas
Shad Klukas

Director of Social Enterprise & Events

Joan McDonough-Schlecht
Joan McDonough-Schlecht

Director of Programs

Maria Steffel
Maria Steffel

Director of Finance

Angie Steward-Randle
Angie Steward-Randle

Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors - Officers

Joanne Mullen, Chair


Dan O'Connor

3M Company

Rose Tuiyott-Lewis, Secretary

Education Minnesota

Leo López, Treasurer

Bremer Bank

Board of Directors

Amira Adawe

MN Department of Health

Lee Bunge

Wells Fargo

Michael Clark

Andersen Corporation

Shawn Curti

Three Bridge Solutions

Rassoul Dastmozd

Saint Paul College

Saray Garnett-Hochuli

City of Minneapolis

Mary Jane (MJ) Horner

Xcel Energy

Rebecca Kanninen

Lockridge Grindal Nauen

Troy Lupe


Elda Macias

Securian Financial

Michael Mader

SPS Commerce

Julie Maidment

St. Paul Police Department

Char Mason

Mason Creative

Jonathan Miller

US Bank Wealth Management

Ron Orlando


Robert Richman

Grassroots Solutions

Luis Rosario

Ramsey County Assessor's Office

Sarah Sanfilippo

Securian Trust Company

Pastor Bradley Schmeling

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Kathleen Schubert

Sara Swenson

Goff Public

Jim Thiher

Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

Jerry Towne


Stephanie Wolkin

Education Minnesota, Retired

Honorary Board of Directors

Dick Bancroft*
Debbie Bancroft
Elizabeth Driscoll
Becky Garthofner
Heidi Gesell
R. James Gesell
John Hernandez
Tim Johnson
Judy Katz
Jean King
Darlene Lewis
Eric Levinson
Maureen McDonough
Eileen McMahon
Becky Montgomery
Marvin Pertzik
John Scanlan*
Lee Schafer
Sally Scoggin
Thomas Smith
Terri Thao
Carol Weisberg
Jean West
* Deceased