Ameer’s Story


Ameer is one of many talented Neighborhood House youth participants, gaining confidence to pursue his interests and be a leader for other young minds in the community.

I have been in a lot of Neighborhood House’s Youth Leadership programs: Kids Connect, Health & Wellness, the Celita Center, and 3D.

It all started six years ago when my dad introduced me, my two brothers, and my sister to Neighborhood House.

The staff and volunteers here taught me a lot about how to be a leader and communicator, how to make the right choices, and how my decisions impact my community and people close to me. They taught me how to be a friend.

Before Neighborhood House, I was more of a follower. I didn’t really pay attention to everything. Now I am a leader and not a follower. I think it’s better to be a leader. I know what to look forward to and there are no surprises.

Most of all, what I have learned at Neighborhood House is this:

If you believe in something, there is a reason you believe in it, and you need to keep going for it no matter what. As a spoken word artist, I’ve had to fight stage fright and self-doubt to become a better performer.

I learned that you should try your best to live up to your fullest potential. I think that’s good advice for anybody, not just kids.

This past year, I stood on a stage at U.S. Bank stadium to tell thousands of United Way supporters how Neighborhood House changed my life. I told them that I believed I was the youngest person in the room – and that I thought that was cool.

I also told them that some kids my age might have a hard time standing on stage and talking to a big audience. Neighborhood House gave me opportunities to speak with many people. Because of that, I don’t have trouble with stage fright anymore.