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Hmong New Year


In Laos, the Hmong New Year was an annual gathering to celebrate the end of the harvest season. Villagers would come together in their finest Hmong clothing to feast, dance,…

Tell Your Senators to Support JJDPA!


On September 22, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill updating the nation’s landmark federal juvenile justice law, the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. With an emphasis on…

Minnesota Quilters Donate 100 Baby Blankets


In January, Martha Eaves lost her 17-year-old grandson Joe to a longtime respiratory ailment. His favorite blanket, a quilt she had made for him when he was a baby, remained…

Philando Castile: A Statement of Loss


7/7/16 These words are not enough. They could never be enough. Two days ago, Philando Castile was a living, breathing man with dreams, ambition, and a story of his own….

A New Approach to Fighting Hunger


       Earlier this year, we hit a big milestone in reimagining how Neighborhood House meets the needs of immigrants, refugees, and community members struggling with food insecurity. The…

Pizza with a Side of Mentorship


What did you want to be when you were younger? An astronaut? Doctor? Perhaps an auto mechanic or archeologist in the mold of Indiana Jones.  Determining a career path can…

Governor Dayton Speaks Minnesotan with a Global Accent


“It’s one thing to read in class, but he is a very important man and I am nervous, maybe I should mail it?” Guillermo Castillo, a student in the Advanced…