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Good food with good neighbors


Dianne and Mary met when Mary was moving into her apartment in 2017. Seeing Mary and her son hauling boxes into their new home, Dianne, also a resident in the…

Congratulations, Mutiatu!


On the table, a red, white, and blue cake. A shirt with “USA” embellishing the chest. The message, “Congratulations, Mutiatu!” written on the whiteboard. After months of hard work and…

The most important test of her life


“I can’t wait for Monday.” A sentiment you don’t hear often. Especially when there’s a test that day. But not for Mutiatu (moo-TEE-uh), a Neighborhood House participant originally from Nigeria….

The Path to U.S. Citizenship


Citizenship: some are born into it. Others spend years trying to earn it. In the United States, if you’re born here, or have a parent who is a citizen at…

The 2020 Census: The problem with undercounts


The framers of the U.S. Constitution chose population to be the basis for sharing political power, not wealth or land. In order to accurately do that, we conduct a census…

From Home to School: Helping Immigrant Families Prepare for the American School System


Immigrants and refugees face complex challenges as they work to adapt to life in a new country. For those settling in the United States, a major hurdle is beginning to…

Let’s remove shame from the school lunch menu


No Minnesota school lunchroom refuses to serve a student with lunch debt, but some schools offer the student an alternative meal—typically a cold, pre-packed sandwich that’s only given to students…

Making arts education accessible


The arts have an important impact on youth development. Studies have shown that involvement with the arts is associated with better academic and civic outcomes for young adults. Unfortunately, not…

Baby shower for community members 


Seeing how her grandson, George, came into the world, Jean King was struck by how lucky he was. He was celebrated with multiple baby showers, received high-end baby gear, and…

A Better Kind of Food Shelf Model


You may know that food shelves are based on different models. A standardized food box model is when a food shelf puts together a standard box or bag filled with…