Neighborhood House Response to Derek Chauvin Verdict

Today we learned of the first step for justice for George Floyd, a man who was a father, a son, brother, and friend who suffered and was murdered by police.

While we support the outcome of the trial, we must remember that the Chauvin trial is just the first trial involving police officers. In the coming months we will face the trials of the other three former officers involved in George Floyd’s murder and the former officer who killed Daunte Wright. Each one of the trials will be painful reminders of the violence and dehumanization that too many people experience at the hands of police, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color in our community and across our country.

We must also remember that the verdict in this trial is not the end but the continuation of critical work to create justice. We must acknowledge the systems are still broken and they are working exactly as they were designed. The only pathway forward is to dismantle the racist political, social, and economic systems that enforce white supremacy. We must create new systems where true equity and equality exist for all.

We cannot rest until the vision of who we “claim to be” is reflected in data, truth and reality of who we really are.  Simply put, we must take action to address why we have some of the largest racial and economic disparities in the country and confront our role in the pain in our neighborhoods and communities, especially BIPOC communities, that is a culmination of centuries of racism and white supremacy. We must confront the reality that we’ve built inequitable systems that benefit some more than others.

True healing will come when we have built systems rooted in humanity, equity and accountability where everyone can truly thrive. At Neighborhood House we are committed to working with our community to make this happen.

I look to the future with tremendous hope and optimism. Through the pain we will find new opportunities to secure a better future for all and the courage to build a better Minnesota.


Nancy Q. Brady