Get to know our programs: Family Centers

Families provide support, belonging, and stability for one another. But when crises like a lack of health insurance, job loss, and mental illness occur, families can struggle to reach their full potential. Family Centers provide supportive services and referrals that families need to weather a crisis.

Family coaches work one-on-one with families throughout five locations to identify their needs, discuss potential solutions, and develop a plan for future success. Neighborhood House may not offer every service a participant’s situation requires, so our family coaches work to refer participants to other organizations and services who can help. Family Centers also provide courses to give families the knowledge and skills needed to create safe, healthy homes.


Jackie was living with her daughter and granddaughter when her daughter’s struggle with schizophrenia resulted in their eviction. Jackie was left caring for her five-year-old granddaughter—alone and without a home. The two lived in a tent that winter, and in order to cope with the stress, Jackie became addicted to drugs. After finding Neighborhood House, family coaches worked with Jackie to address her immediate needs like food and housing. They then connected her with a recovery program where she could bring her granddaughter. Now she’s furthering her education and training to become a Recovery Coach so she can help other women like her and better provide for her family.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Family Centers are running virtually and staff are assisting families from home. Our Wellstone Center location has one family coach onsite to assist with any immediate needs for families. All other in-person centers are closed under state and federal guidelines but will reopen in the future for in-person service.

Read about how our Family Centers work with our other programs to address the needs of our families.

We would like to thank all of our generous partners and donors who make this program possible. You give St. Paul families the resources and guidance they need to navigate their situation and achieve stability. Thank you.