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Lead a fundraiser

March 1 – April 11


Further your impact by creating a fundraiser for March Food Drive!

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Click here to set up your fundraiser or follow the directions below.

1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Click “fundraisers” on the left side menu

3. Under “raise money for a nonprofit” click “select nonprofit”

4. Search for and choose Neighborhood House (make sure you click the one in St. Paul, Minnesota!)

5. Select how much money you want to raise

6. Select an end date of April 11 (last day of March Food Drive) and click “next”

7. Give your fundraiser a title and explain why you’re raising money for Neighborhood House and click “next”

8. Pick or photo and click “create”

You can then invite Facebook friends to your fundraiser, share your fundraiser on your timeline, and donate to your fundraiser. There are no fees when donating to a nonprofit on Facebook, so Neighborhood House will get 100% of donations.

Create an Instagram Fundraiser

You can add a “donate” sticker to your Instagram stories. All you need to do is select Neighborhood House and publish your story. Check out our highlights for more information about March Food Drive that you can share in your stories.

Creating a Fundraising Page on CharityWeb

You can make a fundraiser using CharityWeb that you can share with friends and family.

1. Go to

2. Click on “create a fundraising page”

3. Give your fundraiser a title, choose a fundraising goal, and fill out the contact information

4. Click “register” to complete the process

5. Look for a confirmation email in your inbox

6. Share your fundraising page on your social media accounts, email your friends and family, and share with your workplace.

If you have questions about March Food Drive, contact

Sample fundraising letter (please personalize):

Neighborhood House is a St. Paul multi-service agency who has been providing food and housing support, education resources, and crisis services for immigrant, refugee, and other families in the community since 1897. As part of this work, Neighborhood House conducts March Food Drive, an annual fundraising campaign that brings the organization and community together to fight hunger. I’m hoping you’ll join us in this effort!

March Food Drive fundraising provides healthy, fresh, and culturally-appropriate foods to Neighborhood House’s diverse group of more than 16,000 participants (who come from more than 40 countries), allowing them to maintain their dignity, health, and culture during a challenging time in their lives.

In addition, March Food Drive allows Neighborhood House food markets (which distribute nearly one million pounds of food each year) to adapt to the shifting needs of the community. As seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, families were more frequently requesting household goods and hygiene supplies. The additional cash gives the food markets the ability to purchase these items that they could not otherwise afford to supply.

I invite you to join me and Neighborhood House this year as we make a difference for our neighbors. Your gift to my fundraiser will provide healthy, fresh, and culturally-appropriate foods to struggling families in the St. Paul area. A $36 donation provides a week of groceries for a family of four!

The only way we can move forward as a community is as a community. Your support and partnership in our efforts are how St. Paul will begin to recover from the impacts of this pandemic while creating a more equitable community for all. Thank you for considering making a donation.

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Tips for a successful fundraiser:

State the purpose: Describe the campaign and note what action you’d like the reader to take. Use our sample letter as-is or make it your own.

Make it personal: Explain how you’re connected to the cause and/or to Neighborhood House.

Show your gratitude: Express your thanks for the reader’s consideration. Thank those who make a donation.

Be concise: Fundraising messages that are 175-300 words in length are the best.

Use events: Have a birthday or holiday coming up? Use these occasions to request donations to March Food Drive in lieu of gifts.

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