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March Food Drive

March 1 – April 11


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With the continuation of COVID-19 and its impacts on our community, fundraising for March Food Drive is more important than ever before.

The pandemic’s far-reaching effects like job losses and underemployment have made it more and more difficult for families to pay for basic needs like rent and food. As the pandemic continues, the inability to cover these costs only grows.

Learn about hunger in Ramsey County in our March Food Video:

It’s crucial that families be nourished with healthy foods in the midst of this health crisis–and you can help.

Will you join in our March Food Drive efforts to help fight hunger in St. Paul? The only way we can move forward as a community is as a community. Your support and partnership in our efforts are how St. Paul will begin to recover from the impacts of this pandemic and build a more equitable community for all.

Make a gift today so that families can get the foods they need to stay healthy this year. A donation of $36 covers the cost of groceries for a family of four for one week. A donation of $150 will cover the cost of groceries for a family of four for a month. Make a gift or start a fundraising drive to raise even more money.

Your support will provide healthy, fresh, and culturally-appropriate foods for our diverse group of participants who come from more than 40 countries. You will help people maintain their dignity and culture during a time that has challenged their finances, their hearts, and their dreams.

The need is now and the need will continue as our economy and community rebuilds and heals in the months and years to come.

Your financial support today means that families will have access to food and household items like hygiene and baby products that they otherwise could not afford. Keep your neighbors nourished, safe, and with peace of mind as they work toward financial recovery.

The more money we raise from now until April 11, the more money Minnesota FoodShare will donate to our food markets at the end of March Food Drive. And the more money we can raise, the more people that can be helped. Please make a gift or start fundraising today so you can further your impact!

Let’s make sure that everyone in our community has enough food to eat. Join in our March Food Drive efforts to ensure families in St. Paul have access to free healthy and culturally-appropriate foods today and throughout the year.

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Due to the challenges created by COVID-19, we ask that if you are able, to make a financial donation or create a monetary fundraiser in place of a physical food drive this year. If you are unable to contribute in this way and would prefer to hold a food drive, we will still accept those donations! Please view our lead a food drive page to review our new process. Thank you for your support.

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