Notes From The Classroom

classroom 2

I began my year of AmeriCorps service around the same time Wendy enrolled in English classes. A native Spanish-speaker from Mexico, Wendy remembers feeling “very comfortable with Neighborhood House” and was excited when she first learned about the free classes for adults. Wendy was one of my first computer students, and has eagerly attended every class I have taught.

Wendy describes herself as “proud, happy, and persistent.” She has a joyful personality, and her enthusiasm has helped other students feel comfortable enough to ask questions and laugh about making mistakes. This past September, Wendy tested into intermediate English class, and quickly moved on to the advanced English class, before testing into GED class several weeks ago.

When she’s not in class or working, Wendy enjoys movie nights with her daughter and studying social media and smartphone apps that make life easier for a busy mom. She loves teaching, and takes every opportunity to enthusiastically assist other students in our diverse and multi-lingual computer classroom. Wendy strongly believes that computers will help her reach her goals, and attends computer skills classes every day to make her dreams a reality.

One afternoon while learning about different career paths in the technology field, Wendy pulled me aside after class. “I want to work with computers,” she told me. “I need to know everything about them.” Since that class, Wendy has steadily made progress with her English studies, taken trips to visit local colleges, and has grown as a classroom leader. I look forward to seeing where her bright personality and love of technology take her in the future.

Madison Neece is an AmeriCorps CTEP providing digital literacy instruction and support at Neighborhood House. Computer classes are available from 1:45 to 2:45 Monday through Thursday for participants enrolled in English, College Readiness Academy, or GED class. Contact Madison Neece at 651-789-2553 for more details.