College Access and College Readiness Academy

College Access

The College Access program works to prepare youth and adults for post-secondary education. This could mean a training program that lasts a few weeks or months, or it might mean attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university. It offers events, workshops, and personalized counseling to address the education disparity that exists among minority groups.

Support may include:

Additionally, we are prepared to help if immigrant and refugee adults are interested in “translating” their degree from another country so that it is recognized in the United States.

To set up an individualized meeting, contact Sari at 651-789-2561 or email Sari; Esteban at 651-789-2541 or email Esteban; or Khiem at 651-789-3623 or email Khiem.

The College Readiness Academy
The Neighborhood House College Readiness Academy is a partnership that provides college preparation classes and counseling to any adults 17 and up who would like to begin college-level classes but are not yet college-ready. The courses help students develop skills and confidence in reading and writing. At the end of the program, most students show great improvement on the Accuplacer, the community college placement test. With the help of college navigators, students also develop a good understanding of how the college system works, how to plan their classes, how to apply for financial aid, and how to be academically successful.

To sign up, contact John Ashby, Adult Education Program Manager at 651-789-2522 or email John.


Neighborhood House’s College Access program is made possible through generous financial support from the U.S. Bank Foundation

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