Parent and Early Childhood Education

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Skills for School
The Neighborhood House Skills for School program, for children 3-5 years old, helps our youngest participants develop the skills they will need to enter kindergarten. The lessons, developed by our licensed Early Childhood Educator, touches on critical areas of development for pre-school aged children. Our educators focus on:

The Neighborhood House Skills for School program promotes a multi-cultural, multi-lingual setting at both our Wellstone Center and Homecroft School locations. For more information, contact Valerie Dorschner at 651-789-3603 or email.

Early Childhood Home Visits
A cornerstone of the Neighborhood House early childhood program is our in-home visits, where teachers staff can identify child and family needs early and address health issues. During in-home visits, Early Childhood Education staff provide support for both the children and the parents in a setting that promotes positive relationships with the entire family. Staff offer ideas to parents for extending learning and skill-building beyond the classroom, information about child development, and help them navigate the school system so their children are ready for academic success. For more information, contact Tracy Pham at 651-789-2533 or email.


Contact Us

Tracy Pham, Child Development Specialist: 651-789-2533 or email

Valerie Dorschner, Licensed Early Childhood Educator: 651-789-3603 or email

Amanda Williams, Parent and Early Childhood Education Program Manager:
651-789-2543 or email