Youth Leadership Programs

Neighborhood House is a great place for youth who are seeking new opportunities to develop skills, supportive relationships, and a positive self-image in a safe, nurturing setting. Youth participants are often active in more than one program, and frequently become involved through a peer-referral network of friends and family.

Literacy program (all ages – focus on 12-18 )

We all know reading is fundamental and that everyone learns differently. If your youth needs one-on-one attention to improve their reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills, we’re here to help. Our literacy program will support, encourage and prepare them for academic success.

Celita Center (ages 12-18)

All youth need a safe and supportive place to hang out after school. The Celita Center is a space where they can experience positive relationships, receive homework help and be encouraged by their peers and caring staff members.

Youthprise Nutrition Program at Wellstone Center (0 to age 18)

Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate schedules so that everyone can eat together at dinner time.  On those nights, we’ve got you covered! All program and community youth are invited to be a part of our free community meal every weeknight at 5:00 p.m.

Kids Connect (ages 5-10)

It’s all about connections. Kids will connect with homework helpers and connect with their peers during this time focused on social and emotional learning.

Teen Outreach Program (TOP) (ages 12-15)

Fun is at the top of the agenda in this program! In TOP, youth will be empowered through volunteer and leadership opportunities and expand their experiences through participating in group field trips.

3D Core IT Program (ages 14-18)

In today’s digital world, having good computer skills are essential. We’ll engage youth in leadership development, digital education, life skills management and community service to help them get ready for the future.


Nurture your inner science geek by becoming a part of FIRST® LEGO® League challenge! As a team, youth will research a real-world scientific problem (such as food safety, recycling, energy) and come up with a solution. They’ll also get to design, build, program a robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS and then compete on a tabletop playing field.

College Readiness Academy (ages 16-18)

Are you on your way to college, but not quite ready? Our classes will prepare you for the Accuplacer test so you can enroll directly into credit-bearing classes and avoid paying for remedial courses once you enter college.

Kids Imagine (ages 5-10)

This evening club makes learning imaginative and fun. Become a part of a group that focuses on games and activities through art, math and science.

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Teen Power/4-H UMN (ages 10-18)

Youth create music, poetry, dance routines, videos and general exploration of the arts through the lens of hip-hop culture and technology.

Rec Check (ages 6-12)

Rec Check is a free after school program where youth participate in a variety of scheduled activities including arts and crafts, reading, homework help, and special events. To promote health and fitness, staff will engage youth daily in physical activities such as gym games, outdoor play and fitness fun.

Cooking: Healthy Cultural Nutrition (ages 8-13)

Join fellow foodies in making delicious dishes and pastries not normally seen on menus. Participants will gain skills to swiftly prepare a dish or two and explore how food nourishes your body and mind.

Mobile Jazz  (ages 12-18)

Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project is taught and mentored by the Twin Cities’ best artists, performers, engineers, and educators on the scene. We offer mentoring and instruction in instrumental music, beat making, songwriting, singing and dance.

Teen Open Gym  (ages 12-17)

Unstructured open gym for teens. Open gym for basketball, volleyball, badminton and soccer.

Youth Boxing (ages 13-17)

Learn the proper boxing stance, footwork and individual/combination punching. Develop defensive skills and learn blocks and slips. Work out using the heavy bag and target mitt work. Improve your conditioning with rope jumping, calisthenics, plyometric drills and flat and hill runs.

Junior Engineering: Gears and Levers (ages 5-9)

Join us as we explore, investigate and solve problems while we learn about the building blocks of engineering simple machines. Students working in pairs will enjoy hands-on activities using LEGO® Gears and special technic engineering components that incorporate math, science and creativity.

GRIP helps youth define their identity, make positive contributions to the community, build upon personal strengths/interests, and increase community support systems in their lives. We serve youth ages 11-24. These youth are either currently involved in the juvenile justice system or at risk of becoming involved. GRIP participants are referred to the program by neighborhood schools, probation officers, Boys Totem Town (BTT), the St. Paul Gang Unit, concerned parents or various other community organizations.