Youth Leadership Programs

Neighborhood House is a great place for youth who are seeking new opportunities to develop skills, supportive relationships, and a positive self-image in a safe, nurturing setting. Youth participants are often active in more than one program, and frequently become involved through a peer-referral network of friends and family.

After School Programs
When school lets out every afternoon, Neighborhood House transforms into a one-stop-shop for youth. With five unique programs dedicated to serving kids aged 6-18, every day offers extensive opportunities for youth to engage with the arts, experience STEM learning, or simply receive the support and mentorship of a caring adult. LEARN MORE

GRIP helps youth define their identity, make positive contributions to the community, build upon personal strengths/interests, and increase community support systems in their lives. We serve youth ages 11-24. These youth are either currently involved in the juvenile justice system or at risk of becoming involved. GRIP participants are referred to the program by neighborhood schools, probation officers, Boys Totem Town (BTT), the St. Paul Gang Unit, concerned parents or various other community organizations.