Through GRIP programming we help youth define their identity, make positive contributions to their community, build upon personal strengths/interests, and increase community support systems in their lives. We serve youth ages 11-24, who are either currently involved in the juvenile justice system or at risk of becoming involved. GRIP partners with Element Boxing and Fitness, Network for the Development of Children of African Descent (NdCAD), SoulTouch Productions, St. Paul Public Schools, Ramsey County Corrections, SPPD, YMCA of the Twin Cities, parents, and community leaders.


SUIT (Strength Unity Intelligence and Transformation)
SUIT is for young men (ages 13-18) on probation who have been referred to the Neighborhood House program. Each young person will participate in 3 months of programming and attend 3 days a week. Programming within SUIT has four main components: Health & Fitness, Life Skills, Mental Health and Cultural Identity Development. Food and transportation is provided.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 5-7 pm at Neighborhood House’s Wellstone location. For more information, contact Airrion Williams at (651) 789-3622 or email Airrion or Matt Carlyon at (651) 789-2552 or email Matt.

GROW (Girls Realizing Our Worth)
GROW is for young women ages 13-18. GROW includes 3 months of both group and individual meetings. The group component is trauma-informed and focuses on self exploration, connecting with others, healthy living and envisioning the future. Individual meetings help youth identify goals and monitor progress.

Wednesdays, 4-6:30 p.m. at Neighborhood House’s Wellstone location. For more information contact Joanna Lowry at (651) 789-2528 or email Joanna or Alicia Lucio at (651) 789-2517 or email Alicia

GROW 2.0
GROW 2.0 is an on-going group that explores issues commonly faced by high-school aged young women. It is meant to be a safe space for building healthy friendships and developing a more-positive self-identity. Participants engage in several service learning projects and cultural/educational field trips throughout the year.

Tuesdays, 4-6 pm at Neighborhood House’s Wellstone location. For more information contact Alicia Lucio at (651) 789-2517 or email Alicia

Jovenes Con Palabra (Young Men of their Word)
Jovenes, for young men ages 13-18, meets weekly throughout the year and is a space for young men to learn basic life skills and discuss various concerns in a safe environment. Jovenes infuses Latino culture and history throughout the program, though it is open to all cultures. Participants often engage in new experiences such as fishing, dance performances, plays, and camping.

Thursdays 6-8 pm at Neighborhood House’s Wellstone location. For more information, contact Enrique ‘Cha-Cho’ Estrada at 651-789-2574 or email Cha-Cho

Tattoo Removal Program (TRP)
For many youth, removing visible gang tattoos can be an important step in disengaging from gang life. Every 6th Monday a plastic surgeon and several nurses come to Neighborhood House to perform the necessary laser treatment. Tattoos are removed over the course of 6-10 treatments and are provided for free tattoo for individuals seeking to remove gang-related tattoos and move forward with their lives. Service takes place every 6th Monday from 2:30-5 pm at Neighborhood House’s Wellstone Center location. For more information, contact Enrique ‘Cha-Cho’ Estrada at 651-789-2574 or email Cha-Cho

The GRIP team members do individual advocacy, education, and coaching through customized case management so that we can help each youth achieve their goals. For more information, contact Joanna Lowry at 651-789-2558 or email Joanna

Mental Health Services
In partnership with individual practitioners, we provide group, individual and family therapy. Mental and Chemical Health support is provided by a licensed professional to address trauma, developmental needs and to support overall functioning. For more information, contact Joanna Lowry at 651-789-2558 or email Joanna

Special Events
GRIP periodically offers special events and field trips that are open to all program participants. Events may be cultural, educational or simply an opportunity to engage in a fun activity outside the youth’s normal environment. Experiential learning includes volunteer projects, field trips, and exposure to geography and communities beyond the West Side of St. Paul.

Contact Information for GRIP

Enrique “Cha-Cho” Estrada 651-789-2574 email Cha-Cho

Alicia Lucio 651-789-2517  email Alicia

Airrion Williams 651-789-2507  email Airrion

Matt Carlyon 651-789-2552 email Matt

Joanna Lowry, LGSW 651-789-2558 email Joanna