Planned and Legacy Giving

Your gift in your will or other planned gift will make Neighborhood House possible for future generations. Creating your legacy with Neighborhood House is easy and will help families in your community for years to come.

Set-up a Bequest


To set-up your bequest, simply share one of the following with your estate planner:

Other great options include making Neighborhood House your beneficiary of your IRA, life insurance, or other retirement options. Ask your estate planner what the best solution is for your financial and family situation to make a lasting gift to Neighborhood House possible.

Have you already included Neighborhood House in your estate plans?


Share you planned gift with Neighborhood House now! Fill out this quick 1897 Legacy Society Form and email it to Mackenzie Romenesko and/or reach her at 651-789-2528 for any questions you may have. All donors who have made their planned gifts known to Neighborhood House are recognized through the 1897 Legacy Society.

Thank you in advanced for your generosity!