Public art at the Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center for Community Building

Craig David
Craig David focuses his work on the development and creation of public art. Projects include environmental site works fabricated in stone, steel and landscape. He seeks to create art with meaning, beyond pure aesthetics and technical ideas. This compels him to work with and respond to communities and individuals, making these works of art a true collaboration.

public art - outside murals

Evelyn Rosenberg
Evelyn Rosenberg developed Detonography, a technique for creating metal sculpture by detonating a sheet of plastic explosive over a both a carved image and a metal plate, forcing the metal plate to adhere to the carved image.  This unique process allows her to create large scale, monumental sculptures with intricate, complex details on the surface. The result is artwork that people can equally enjoy in close proximity and from a far distance.

public art - downstairs 4    public art - downstairs 2    public art - downstairs 3    public art - downstairs 1

COMPAS and Youth Art
COMPAS ArtsWork Program is a youth employment program for people ages 14-21 in the Twin Cities. Youth are employed and work in groups of 10-12 as Apprentices under the direction of a Mentor Artist. Sites are based throughout the Twin Cities, depending on the artist and the art form.  Guiding each apprentice artist’s discovery of new artistic abilities is an objective for ArtsWork, while earning money and learning job skills such as time-management and teamwork plus working alongside professional artists for a hands-on work experience.

public art - upstairs mosaic    public art - mirror mosaic