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Congratulations, Mutiatu!


On the table, a red, white, and blue cake. A shirt with “USA” embellishing the chest. The message, “Congratulations, Mutiatu!” written on the whiteboard. After months of hard work and…

How you can help during COVID-19


Part of what makes Minnesota such a special place to live is our desire to help one another. We’ve seen it time and time again—as a need arises, the community…

Current status: Neighborhood House, Wellstone Center, Beaningful


Beginning March 16, Neighborhood House suspended some of its programming in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Because the situation continues to evolve, so will the status of…

Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A note from Neighborhood House Re: Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) While coronavirus is changing so much about the way we are living our lives, it isn’t changing one thing:…

The most important test of her life


“I can’t wait for Monday.” A sentiment you don’t hear often. Especially when there’s a test that day. But not for Mutiatu (moo-TEE-uh), a Neighborhood House participant originally from Nigeria….