George Floyd: A message from Neighborhood House


At Neighborhood House we are outraged by the tragic and cruel killing of George Floyd and abhor the underlying racism of this act. Our work focuses on helping all families build safe, productive and rewarding lives in our community. This is not possible when our laws and systems only value some lives and act as if those of others are expendable. This is not possible when members of our community are allowed to act on their negative biases and racist attitudes.

We call on our governmental leaders to take swift action against the perpetrators of this crime and to change the racist laws and regulations that disproportionately impinge on the opportunities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color to thrive in Minnesota. And, we call on the citizens of Minnesota to become anti-racists, learn how each of our individual biases negatively impacts others, and act with courage to build a better Minnesota – a Minnesota that does not have the second highest racial disparities in the country – a Minnesota that treats no human beings as if they were wild animals – a Minnesota in which black men are not slain in the street by police officers.

Neighborhood House is steadfastly committed to the necessary work to eliminate racism from our systems and our individual unconscious, and to the cause of equity and justice in St. Paul and across Minnesota. We invite you to join us.

Art by Andres Guzman.