Adam’s Giving Box


Whether a ceramic pig, wooden box, or metal safe, a bank is a great way for parents to teach their children responsibility. Each satisfying clink of coins fuels a belief that the best things in life – candy, video games, or a pack of Pokemon cards – are worth the wait.

Adam’s box is simple, but different. A small container of cardboard, held together by tape and decorated with the help his younger brother, it is one-of-a-kind. At the recommendation of his mother, Anne, Adam would place a portion of his weekly allowance into the box, not for himself, but as a gift to families in need of help.

Increasingly, parents are seeking innovative ways to tackle complex issues like hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Wanting to raise her children to be empathetic and helpful, Anne visited Doing Good Together’s website for recommended activities, and advice on how to have these important conversations in a meaningful way.

One night, when Adam heard that his parents would be attending an event near their home in Macalester-Groveland to learn about Neighborhood House, he insisted on joining them. Clad in PJs, he donated his giving box to support struggling families. “I want to help families get food and clothing so they aren’t cold in the winter.”

Anne hopes that Adam and his younger brothers will grow up believing that they have a responsibility to help others in need. She keeps a supply of bottled water and granola bars in the car so that whenever she or her children spot someone asking for help on the street, they can stop and help. “I want my children to recognize poverty when they see it, to notice when others are in need and try to help. I don’t want them to grow up pretending that other people are invisible.”

His giving box may be gone, but Adam is hard at work on other projects, collecting food and toys for families who may be struggling this holiday season.

If you are inspired by Adam’s generosity, please consider a gift to help families escape poverty. Donate Today.

Anders R-M  By Anders Ringdahl-Mayland