All Are Welcome

Recently, President Trump issued his executive order on immigrants and refugees. While we are not yet certain of all the details and implications of this policy, we know that this latest order will have an impact on our community.

Neighborhood House was founded 120 years ago by the sisterhood of Mt. Zion Temple to support Russian Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in their homeland. The work that Neighborhood House began over a century ago continues today; welcoming families from all parts of the world who come to our country to escape poverty, war, and build better lives for their families.

The city of St. Paul has a long history of welcoming new Americans and weaving their beliefs and traditions into the fabric of our community. Our diversity makes us strong, and contributes to a rich and vibrant community.

To our participants and fellow community members:

Neighborhood House has been, and always will be a safe place for you. We care deeply for you, your children, and your families. We are honored be a part of your journey. Our doors are always open for you.

Nancy Q. Brady