Creating Social Change Through Community Engagement ft. Metric Giles

Metric Giles

We’re excited to announce the first of an on-going series of community engagement conversations and events.  On Thursday, November 9, we will be hosting a Community Conversation with Metric Giles, Executive Director of the Community Stabilization Project.

Giles has been instrumental to the new life and direction of the Community Stabilization Project. His experience is as a Public Policy Organizer and uses many unique and creative methods to bring people together to advocate for their own particular needs. An important aspect of Metric’s work is teaching people their rights and responsibilities so that they can stand up and demand changes to policies that restrict or deny those rights. He advocates for people to break free of the cycle of dependency on institutions and campaign at a policy level for fair and equitable, community-based approaches to issues. He has also been a community activist and youth mentor since the 1960s and is responsible for the development of several community gardens.

All are welcome to join us this evening for a short discussion.

Thursday, November 9th
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Wellstone Center, Room 212
179 Robie St. E
St. Paul, MN 55107

Parking is available in the adjacent ramp. Please do not park in the Burrito Mercado parking lot.