Conducting Research at Neighborhood House

The process for approval to conduct research at Neighborhood House incorporates a capacity-building component for the betterment of individuals conducting the research as well as our organization.

Neighborhood House considers the ethics of data collection and is also concerned with the following:

Generally, Institutional Review Boards (IRB) at universities are mainly concerned with the ethics of research proposals, primarily around data collection. Meeting the institutions requirements does not always align with the Neighborhood House requirements; as we are separate and differing entities with sometimes separate and differing intents.

The process for seeking approval for research, including action research at Neighborhood House, for degree attainment, grants and personal research is outlined below. All applicants must complete the application and approval process.

All of the components listed on the application pertain to every study to some degree. The application is to serve as a communication and reflection tool with each component explained to the committee, in order to verify that you have intentionally thought about it and addressed it to the level necessary for your particular research.

The process for initial approval can take up to three to four weeks. The Promoting Evaluation Progress (PEP) Squad reviews each application. As part of the process, they seek feedback and input from program managers and staff when necessary.

Following approval, each applicant must meet with a committee member and sign a Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement. The Agreement indicates the researcher will keep identifying information private and that results will be shared with Neighborhood House upon completion of the study.

We view the research process as a valuable tool. Building the capacity for Neighborhood House staff to continually consider and conduct sound research is important for us as we seek to improve our learning environment.

APPPLICATION to conduct research at Neighborhood HouseĀ 

Areas we have interest in learning through research are: