Dedicated Volunteers from Kaposia

Kaposia blog 2

Each Friday for the last ten years, clients from Kaposia (a local non-profit serving those with cognitive and developmental disabilities) have volunteered at the Wellstone Center Food Market. When the group arrives, they all pair up with the staff and other volunteers to complete a task that they choose themselves. “They bring a bright light to the Food Market with their laughter, joy and hard work,” said Kate Panning, Food Support Coordinator. “They are very precise in their work—they turn out the labels and set the items on the shelves with such precision,” she laughs.

Here’s what the dedicated volunteers had to say:

Velma: “I like the yummy food!”

Karen:  “I have organizing skills!”

Jodi:  “I come here every Friday!”

Chuck: “I do all of it, but I like to do the milk the best!”