Dogs are the best listeners

Our youth who did not get to participate in the recent Ski Day event at Buck Hill were invited and able to join in for a special event earlier in April – reading and spending time with dogs at Canine Inspired Change. This was a great opportunity for our youth to practice their literacy skills in a fun, non-judgmental environment. The youth also got to watch a training session with a dog who did “cool tricks.” Our Youth participants were able to join for this fluffy-friend event two days in a row and each of them ranted and raved on the way back about how much they enjoyed it.

Canine Inspired Change (CIC) partners with schools and organizations to facilitate therapy dog sessions with vulnerable youth and adults to overcome trauma, social struggles and isolation by sparking meaningful connections with dogs, volunteers and each other.

The Youth Literacy program at Neighborhood House serves youth of all ages. The program works to support, encourage and prepare each individual for academic success.