Elle’s Story


Elle moved to St. Paul and came to Neighborhood House in search of college opportunities. Today, she’s on her way to becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s hard to imagine where life will take you. When I was a child, I dreamt of traveling the world. As I grew up I spent a decade pursuing a lifestyle of service that lead me through many countries all over the world.

Though I was passionate about travel and service, neither one ever provided a natural entry point for college. When I began to set down roots in St. Paul, the search for a college was daunting. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, where to find it, or even how to begin looking for it.

A friend of mine who was enrolled in ELL classes at Neighborhood House introduced me to her teacher, Kristen, a member of the College Access team.

Kristen helped me access the resources and perspective I needed to refine my goals and find the college experience that would help me achieve them.

Today I’m enrolled in an entrepreneurship program at community college. I love art, mass media, design, and communication, but want to make certain I have the business and finance background to turn my passion into a career.

I feel blessed to have met Kristen.  She has helped my family in so many ways. In addition to supporting my college goals, College Access helped me finish my citizenship application and even find a good middle school for my oldest daughter.

It feels great to know that if I need anything, she’s there for me.