Get to know our programs: Food Support

Regular access to nutritious and familiar food is the basis for healthy and vibrant lives. When someone experiences uncertain or insecure access to quality food, it’s known as food insecurity. This is often a signifier of more systematic, long-term issues like food deserts, poverty, and income inequality that impact families in our community. Other times, a family becomes food insecure only for a period of time due to a job loss or unexpected bill like a car repair or medical care.

Providing families with access to healthy and culturally appropriate foods without barriers is the basis of our Food Support program. Our food markets and fresh produce distributions allow families to enjoy their meals and focus on other priorities without the added stress of food insecurity and hunger. When a family gets the nutrition they need, they can learn in school, further their education, excel at work, and keep their body and minds healthy.


Jose never thought he would need help getting food. But after battling diabetes and a heart condition, he lost his foot which impacted his ability to work. He ended up losing all of his savings, his house, and everything he’s worked for. He moved in with family and felt that by getting groceries from our food market, he could provide for them. With food security, Jose was better equipped to focus on his health and wellbeing.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Food Support program is operating a curbside pick-up model at our two food market locations. We are also providing delivery to St. Paul and Ramsey County residents who are unable to travel. In addition, we are hosting free Fresh Produce Pickups at three locations in St. Paul for anyone who needs fresh fruits, vegetables, and bread. There are no income or location requirements to visit either food market or Fresh Produce Pickups. Food Support staff and volunteers wear masks and gloves and maintain frequent hand washing and sanitizing to ensure safety for all.

Read about how our Food Support program works with our other programs to address the needs of our families.

We would like to thank all of our generous partners and donors who make this program possible. You give St. Paul families the food they need to nourish their minds and bodies so they can focus on other priorities. Thank you.