Get to know our programs: Housing Stability

A home is meant to be a safe, stable, and comfortable place. But there is a rising trend that shows that safe, affordable housing is hard to find and even harder to keep. Low availability of appropriate housing, high and rising rent prices, and economic hardship can create conditions where eviction and homelessness begin to close in on people in crisis.


Our Housing Stability program helps families facing a housing crisis in order to prevent evictions and homelessness. Staff work with families to secure emergency financial support. When a family can cover their rent or utility payments or pay a deposit to get into housing, they begin to find stability again. The Housing Stability program also offers landlord-tenant mediation to improve relationships and come to amicable solutions.

Shantara and her two daughters lost their housing, and due to a poor rental record, struggled to find their next home. Our Housing Stability staff helped Shantara get references and referrals to advocate for her, and secured her rental assistance to help stabilize her housing situation. This pulled her out of crisis and allowed her to refocus on her family and future.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Housing Stability program is running virtual housing crisis clinics to assist those struggling with their housing situation. Our staff look forward to once again working one-on-one with families at our physical locations in the future.

Read about how our Housing Stability program works with our other programs to address the needs of our families.

We would like to thank all of our generous partners and donors who make this program possible. You give St. Paul families the resources and guidance they need to navigate their situation and achieve stability. Thank you.