Get to know our programs: Parent and Early Childhood Education

Preparing our youngest community members for kindergarten helps ensure their future success. It’s crucial that children, including multicultural and multilingual children, have access to social and educational development during their preschool years. Unfortunately, affordable preschool programs are few and far in between, making it more difficult for low-income families to get their children the education they need to succeed in their years of school and life ahead.

Our Parent and Early Childhood Education (PECE) program includes free, accessible preschool for children of all languages, backgrounds, and abilities. Teachers work with children on their educational development, providing individualized support to each student. In addition, our program offers home visits with parents to help them adapt to the United States school system, get them involved in their child’s learning, and ensure a safe, healthy, and supportive at-home educational environment.


Six-year-old Viviana attended Neighborhood House’s PECE program for two years before starting kindergarten. Her new teachers were impressed with her brightness and attentiveness. PECE prepared Viviana for kindergarten and set her up to succeed throughout her education. Viviana and her parents look forward to supporting Viviana as she continues to love learning.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, preschool classes and home visits are being conducted online. In addition to virtual learning, children receive weekly activity kits which include educational activities so they can continue preparing for kindergarten. Programs will return to classrooms as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Read about how our PECE program works with our other programs to address the needs of our families.

We would like to thank all of our generous partners and donors who make this program possible. You give families the resources and guidance they need to provide a high-quality education to their children. Thank you.