Making the Grade


Ping Low resNearly two years ago Yuki, her husband, and their two children, moved to Minnesota. Originally from Hong Kong, she learned about Neighborhood House from a friend of her husband’s and began taking English classes at the Wellstone Center.

Today, after many months of hard work, Yuki successfully passed the final of four exams and received her GED, achieving a milestone that she has eagerly anticipated for years. “In China I didn’t finish high school, but now I finished, I have my GED.” Yuki says. “Because I did this, maybe I can even go to college!”

John Ashby, who has taught Advanced English at Neighborhood House since 2012, says he believes Yuki may be the first of his students to achieve their GED after learning English as an adult. “We’re proud of Yuki. Every night she would take home practice tests to study. The language arts section of the GED can be a real challenge for non-native English speakers. Yuki’s hard work and success will be a real inspiration for others who have been struggling to get over that final hurdle.”

All smiles as she celebrates over carrot cake with her teachers and classmates, Yuki takes a moment to enjoy her success and the supportive community that made it possible. “Every day in class I learn something new. I feel close to the people at Neighborhood House, they are like family.”

Anders R-M
Anders Ringdahl-Mayland