Meet the Food Support Staff

So much has changed with our food support program during the COVID-19 crisis. But our employees’ dedication to our participants remains the same. They’re at work each day, doing their best to connect families in need with food and food resources.

Although now staff wear gloves and masks when working, we wanted to introduce you to their smiling faces. Read below to learn about their roles in the food market and the steps they’re taking to keep everyone safe right now.

We’ve also included any language(s) staff speak in addition to English. If you call and want to speak in a language other than English, we will transfer you to someone who can help.


Food Support Program Manager
Languages: Vietnamese and Spanish

Georgi oversees staff, volunteers, and food programs. She’s been responsible for modifying food support programs during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue providing quality services while protecting staff, volunteers, and participants.


SNAP Outreach Specialist
Language: Spanish

In order to keep participants safe, Luis has been helping families apply for SNAP benefits over the phone and email. When needed, he assists in the food market by taking phone calls, stocking shelves, accepting donations, and prepping emergency bags.



Food Market Assistant
Languages: Tagalog, Waray-Waray, and Cebuano

Chris is responsible for ordering food at the Wellstone Center food market and coordinating deliveries. He oversees morning deliveries, takes inventory of our food supply, and delegates tasks for volunteers.


Food Market Coordinator
Language: Spanish

Hannah coordinates the Francis Basket and Wellstone Center food markets and ensures that daily operations are running smoothly. She has been training volunteers on our new increased sanitation procedures and emergency bag process.



Fresh Produce Distribution Coordinator
Language: Spanish

Anna is responsible for our Fresh Produce Distribution program. She’s working with Georgi on modifying the distribution procedure to make sure we can get fresh foods to the community in a safe way.


Adult Education Instructor

Although regularly an adult education instructor, Eva volunteers every morning in the food market. She helps with stocking, prepping emergency bags, and answering the phone.


Beaningful Manager

While Beaningful is closed during the stay-at-home order, Gabrielle is working in the food market. She helps with stocking, prepping emergency bags, and answering the phone.

Food Market Intake Workers
Because we are now following a curbside pickup model to ensure safety, participants call a phone number once they arrive (by car or foot) at our food markets to limit in-person interaction. Our Food Market Intake Workers answer these calls and do what is called an “intake,” where they gather information about family-size from the caller so we know how many emergency food bags to bring out to the participant. Food Market Intake Workers also receive calls from families who need delivery, and they coordinate these deliveries with our partner, Metro Mobility.


Food Market Intake Worker

Ally works in both our food markets.  She works the intake line at the Wellstone Center and coordinates with Metro Mobility. At Francis Basket, she is responsible for daily operations, including prepping emergency bags, accepting donations and deliveries, and distributing emergency bags to families.


Food Market Intake Worker
Language: Hmong

Kassandra is responsible for answering our intake line and helping families who are waiting on-site and those who require a delivery. She also assists with daily operations through stocking, sorting, and shopping for food.


Food Market Intake Worker
Language: Russian

Nigina works at our Francis Basket food market and is responsible for daily operations. She does intakes with families, prepares emergency food bags, accepts donations and deliveries, and distributes bags.


Food Market Intake Worker
Language: Karen

Haiwee answers our intake line when families are on-site to pick up food or who need to schedule delivery. She then coordinates delivery with our partner, Metro Mobility. She is also contacting our Karen participants to determine their needs and inform them of our food market services.