Neighb in Pictures: September 2017

Summer’s end brings more than chilly weather. It’s also a time to go back to school, dream big, and make the best out of the the harvest season’s last stretch!

Neighborhood House at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market

Labor Day Farmers Market

Did you know that Neighborhood House is at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market every Sunday? We help collect unsold produce, sort food, and bring them to our Wellstone Center Food Market. Over Labor Day weekend, we received some help from volunteers of all ages!

Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian New Year 2

Earlier in the month, we celebrated Ethiopian New Year at our Sibley Manor/Highland Family Center! We had an evening of music, games, activities, and traditional Ethiopian foods such as injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread.

Dreaming Big with Ilhan Omar!

Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar, Minnesota House Representative for District 60B and the highest-elect Somali-American official in the country, was our guest speaker for Dream Big! As she addressed nearly 120 people in the audience, Representative Omar shared her experiences from living in a refugee camp to choosing a college major (or two!). For immigrants, youth of color, adult students, and other St. Paul community members in attendance, it was a wonderful opportunity for them to meet a role model who represented their own journeys and identities.

Voter Registration

Dream Big Voter Registration

While Dream Big provided advice and inspiration for aspiring college students, we also helped eligible voters prepare for elections and other civic responsibilities.

Our Community Garden


The harvest season and our Mass Produce Distribution season are almost over, but that hasn’t stopped our Wellstone Center gardens from staying green. Even in late September (which was surprisingly warm for Minnesota this year!), local gardeners are still dedicating their spare time towards growing and maintaining them.