Neighborhood House gives away 150 free bikes

On the morning of Saturday, April 2 Neighborhood House hosted a Bike4Kids event where 150 bicycles and helmets were handed out to youth. There were bikes in all sizes, from the very littlest bicycles with training wheels for our youngest participants to full-size bikes for teen participants.

The event was a first-come, first-served event and was scheduled to go until 2 pm, however we gave away the last bike around noon.

“It was fun seeing all the kids so excited to choose their bike,” A volunteer at the event said.

“You could really see the joy as they took their bikes for a test drive.”


This was the first event of its kind put on by Neighborhood House and we hope to do it again annually or more. Unfortunately, not everyone who showed up at the event walked away with a bike. However, there are Bike4Kid events taking place in various locations in the Twin Cities, so we made sure to tell parents to keep an eye out around town.