Philando Castile: A Statement of Loss


These words are not enough. They could never be enough. Two days ago, Philando Castile was a living, breathing man with dreams, ambition, and a story of his own. Today, he’s a headline – one more reminder of the epidemic of violence facing people of color in our community.

Philando Castile died after being shot during a traffic stop. He slipped out of consciousness in the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s car, while she and her young daughter looked on, unable to help.

The fatal weight of this tragedy is felt throughout our community by those who loved and knew him, and others who recognize his death as the symptom of a much deeper hurt. In the public grief of his family, the nightmares of our children, and late-night vigils of anxious parents we learn how much we all share this pain.

Fear and loss are not the rights we promise members of a free society. The violence encountered daily by people of color erodes trust and tears at the fabric of our community.

We grieve the tragic death of this man. His life may have been taken, but in the minutes, hours, and days after Philando Castile’s death, his story won’t end.

Nancy Q. Brady
President, Neighborhood House

Community members mourn the death of Philando Castile