Policy Action Alert

The racial disparities that exist today in our country and in Minnesota are the direct result of hundreds of years of systemic racism supported by public policy. With some of the largest racial disparities in the country, the time has come to demand real change and create a more equitable Minnesota for all.

Neighborhood House is committed to working alongside others as we work to create a community where everyone can thrive and live without fear. We invite you to join us as we support the important work of organizations like ISAIAH and Minnesota Justice Coalition in calling for the passage of important police reform and public safety bills that would bring much needed change to our communities.

The state legislature is reconvening for a special session next week providing an opportunity to voice our support for these bills. Please contact your local representative today and urge them to take swift action for change by passing these bills and ending the racist laws and regulations that have had disproportionate and negative impact on the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in Minnesota.

This is the time to stand up for our neighbors and friends, to demonstrate courage and unite to demand real change. We cannot be safe until all of us are safe. And we cannot truly thrive until we create a more equitable state for all.

Thank you for joining us in this important work.